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Bollinger Bands Contracting

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As you can see, the higher the value of SD you use for the bands, the more prices the bands “capture”. The concept of standard deviation is just a measure of how spread out numbers are. According to Bollinger, there’s one pattern that raises more questions than any other aspect of Bollinger Bands®.


Bollinger Bands, a technical indicator developed by John Bollinger, are used to measure a market’s volatilityand identify “overbought” or “oversold” conditions. The average true range is a market volatility indicator used in technical analysis. If there is a positive divergence—that is, if indicators are heading upward while price is heading down or neutral—it is a bullish sign.

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You can also reverse this scan to look for bearish squeezes as stocks break below their lower Bollinger Band. There are many different ways to use Bollinger Bands, and arguably the best route for most traders is to incorporate them into existing strategies in combination with additional indicators. But, Bollinger Bands can also be used to provide actionable trading information on their own. We can see the tree bands along with periods of high and low volatility, reflected by the contracting and widening of the bands.

Volume Breakout Indicator

Before https://day-trading.info/ the Bollinger bounce you have to identify the current market conditions. In the first case, this strategy will work like a charm, but in the second one, be prepared to lose a lot of money. These three lines create an envelope that should contain the price unless there is a large and sudden change. In addition, when volatility increases, the standard deviation of the price increases – and so the bands widen accordingly. The trader sets the number of periods they want the indicator to look back over, 20 is typical.

  • The tendency for the markets to move through this cycle of expansion and contraction is much more predictable, then the actual directionality of market moves.
  • If the price is moving strongly in a downtrend, then the pullback highs will typically occur near or below the moving average line.
  • One particular Bollinger Bands Strategy that I use when volatility is decreasing in the markets is the Squeeze entry strategy.
  • Let’s now take a closer look at the default Bollinger band settings.

There are many ways you can set your stop loss, for example, you can can set your stop loss X ATR away from your entry. In this last example with RSI, it is not clear to me that when the price is at the upper band that the RSI is having lower lows suggesting bearish divergence. If the price is at lower Bollinger Bands, then you can look for bullish RSI divergence to indicate strength in the underlying move. The Bollinger Bands indicator is great for identifying areas of value on your chart. This means if the price is in the lower band, it’s considered “cheap”.

Do not make this MISTAKE when trading Bollinger Bands

These “tags” and bollinger band crosses are not signals, merely gauges. In the 1980’s John Bollinger developed his bollinger band theory around moving averages. Bollinger Bands allow us to determine volatility in the market as well as measuring how high/low prices are relative to their historical price action. The centre line in the band is a simple moving average usually set at 20 periods and the upper/lower bands represent chart points that are 2 standard deviations away from the average. When the bands widen, volatility increases and when they narrow volatility decreases. Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis indicator that’s widely used by traders and investors.

  • He suggests using the relative strength index along with one or two volume-based indicators such as the intraday intensity index or the accumulation/distribution index .
  • It’s a high probability set up that is fairly simple to implement.
  • The longer prices remain within the narrow bands the more likely a price breakout.
  • If you want to make money in the markets, just buy low and sell high.
  • Notice that CMF reached its lowest level since January and continued lower into early May.
  • When this took place it would have alerted us to a potential short trading opportunity.

Also, this strategy is more suitable during a range market rather than a trending one. When the price moves below the moving average and pushes towards the lower line, the asset gets into an oversold market condition. Even during a downtrend, prices may rally up for periods, called pullbacks. If the price is moving strongly in a downtrend, then the pullback highs will typically occur near or below the moving average line.

How to Set Up a Bollinger Bands Scan with Scanz

In conclusion, the Bollinger Band indicator is a popular and useful tool used by traders and investors to determine the volatility and potential price direction of a security. Despite its limitations, a lot of traders will find use in this tool. The Bollinger Band indicator is a popular tool used by traders and investors to determine the volatility and potential price direction of a security.


First, the price falls down to touch or go below the lower band. From there it rises till it is close to the moving average before it moves down and closes near the lower band. This pattern shows that the buyers have overpowered the sellers.

For instance, a trailing stop order could have worked here , or our target could have been the https://forexhistory.info/ RSI 30-level. There are many money management strategies employed by traders, we’ll talk about these in future modules. A Stop/Loss order here would have also been extremely useful, as they limit our losses. When dealing with bollinger bands stop/losses you may want to look at “Bollinger Band “Bands”” below.

How to Use Bollinger Bands

A move that begins at one band normally carries through to the other band when the security is trading within a range. When the security closes higher than the previous close, all of the day’s volume is considered up-volume. When the security closes lower than the previous close, all of the day’s volume is considered down-volume. We’re building complete backtest systems that will allow you to test your strategies, gauge your risk, and deploy in the markets — all with no code. All information on this website or any ebook or video purchased from this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice. Any statement about profits or income, expressed or implied, does not represent a guarantee.

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The index continued to fall for seven weeks before stabilizing and rebounding, and the Bollinger Bands expanded in response to the increased volatility. Figure 1 shows Bollinger Bands applied to a price chart of the Russell 2000 . Now that we have a clear understanding of how to calculate and interpret Bollinger bands, let’s review some strategies based on them in the next section. Here’s how you can scan for the best undervalued stocks every day with Scanz. Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how to scan for the best momentum stocks every day with Scanz.

Bollinger Band Squeeze

The chart above shows Lowes Companies with the Bollinger Band Squeeze occurring in April 2011. The bands moved to their narrowest range in months as volatility contracted. The indicator window shows Chaikin Money Flow weakening in March and turning negative in April. Notice that CMF reached its lowest level since January and continued lower into early May.

If you want to learn more, go study this lesson on standard deviation. See Indicator Panel for directions on how to set up an indicator. Setups like these don’t occur every day, but you can probably spot them a few times a week if you are looking at a 15-minute chart. If the candles start to break out below the BOTTOM band, then the price will usually continue to go DOWN. One thing you should know about Bollinger Bands is that theprice tends to return to the middle of the bands.

Determine significant support and resistance levels with the help of pivot points. Just like any other strategy, the Bollinger Squeeze shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of your trading career. Remember, like everything else in the investment world, it does have its limitations. If you follow it too closely and don’t consider the risks—and limit them—you could stand to lose. Do your research, take care of your capital, and know when you should make an exit point, if necessary. Commodity and historical index data provided by Pinnacle Data Corporation.

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Used to confirm https://forexanalytics.info/ signals, normally from a Momentum Indicator, the bands indicate overbought and oversold levels relative to a moving average. The Bollinger Band indicator can also be used to identify trends. The moving average line in the middle of the Bollinger Bands can provide a measure of the security’s trend direction. By monitoring the trend direction, traders can make more informed trading decisions. Bollinger Bands — first developed by John Bollinger in the early 1980’s — measure the volatility range of a security over time.

It has been about 70% efficient but I have always had a reservation that it can work better. I am glad I read this strategy from you and I hope to put it to practice. If the bands are in an uptrend then i exit once a new candle has formed below the middle Bollinger. I have yet to come across a lesson taught by you that wasn’t informative. I find it easy using my phone than my laptop, problem is, on my phone there’s only the middle moving average and don’t know how to set up the outside ones.

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The information provided by StockCharts.com, Inc. is not investment advice. These are two essential phases of the market, and you should understand them to read the price action. You are expected to do your own research and testing to determine the validity of a trading method, system, or strategy on the market and instrument you wish to trade. To save your modified settings to be applied to future charts, click Save As Default. Once this is clicked at all times in the future the settings you have set will be applied to future charts when this study is added. Always remember that markets go through different cycles and once volatility decreases to a 6 month low, a reversion usually occurs and volatility begins to go up once again.